Give everyone in the group six clothespins. On GO each player tries to pin his clothespins on the other players’ clothing. When you have put your six clothespins on other people, try to place any clothespins anyone has placed on you on someone else. At the end of the time limit (3 minutes), the person with the fewest clothespins is the winner.


 Each participant must write down one thing he desires most, on a piece of paper. Concrete things must be named. Intangibles like happiness, love, peace, health etc. are not allowed. The cards are signed on the reverse and turned into the leader who then distributes them to the members of the group.


The participants now have to bring the item mentioned in the card assigned to them. Where this is not possible, the nearest thing will do. Much of the fun comes from the clever substitution offered. The cards are returned to the leader. They are read out and a formal presentation of the gift desired or the nearest thing to it is done.




The group is organised by birthday months. All the January people get together, all the February and so on. After a few moments of consultation and planning the show is on.


January could stage burning of the old man in order to usher in the New Year. February could have some love story/songs to celebrate Valentine Day. March could March. April could play April Fool jokes and so on.


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